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Display 4 Into the Statements Out of Relpromax Antitrust Inc

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Display 4 Into the Statements Out of Relpromax Antitrust Inc

GARY L. REBACK (Club No. 218594) SUSAN An excellent. CREIGHTON DAVID Good. KILLAM NEIL M. NATHANSON IRWIN Roentgen. Terrible WILSON, SONSINI, GOODRICH ROSATI Professional Firm 650 Page Factory Street Palo Alto, California 94304-1050 Cell: (415) 493-9300

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The Department of Justice has determined that from 1988 through July 1994, a period during which the number of personal computers in the United States virtually exploded. Microsoft Corporation successfully used a variety of unlawful and “anticompetitive” practices to maintain its monopoly position in the market for “operating systems” for use with personal computers. As a result of these unlawful practices, Microsoft has been able to preclude any meaningful competition in the market while increasing the installed base of Microsoft operating systems from well under 20 million in 1988 to approximately 120 million in 1994.

It memorandum 1 will teach that lower than founded economic idea, it today- huge strung feet usually allow Microsoft, in the event the unchecked, each other to steadfastly keep up its dominance throughout the operating system sector, and influence its strung foot to take over and you may monopolize the fresh new places to possess programs and other software packages. So it temporary will also show that the fresh Department’s proposed decree completely does not address the results of the surge inside strung base that Microsoft have procured owing to unlawful methods. As an alternative, brand new Agency merely offers to sealed new barn door since the brand new horse has moved.

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