Cahyo Seftyono

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Cahyo Seftyono

You have got appear once again It is a yes procedure

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You have got appear once again It is a yes procedure

you will have problems I try to make one thing calm, quiet and you may punctual You you will need to justify, rest and you will money ticket Do not lay me in the a package

It will not damage any further, which is exactly how it goes I am able to deal; survive so long as the country never knows Remain my cards on my breasts and you will my correct emotions very near However you are getting healthier, the top firearm; my worry Don’t lay myself in the a package

Basically cry by yourself

The second from quality, I am not protecting him or her, such I do believe My most readily useful weak, my personal children, We beginning to sink Do to myself what you could; he or she is my personal reason to combat Tear up most of the carpets, there’s absolutely no where left to place so it out of sight But, do not place me personally when you look at the a package

You will find enterprises a lots of wanting to stand-by the side They claim making a change; there’ll be a big change off tide Stop, shock headache discover an excellent pigeon hole towards set-aside Wasn’t expecting that, a genuine ball with a curve Why are you getting me personally during the a box?

We have legal rights, and you may a vocals, exactly how loud do i need to be just before I’m heard This might be all of the mixed up, not me, the system; in love and interrupted Now it’s your thereupon look once again And I have got guilt, separation and much more pain Why are you getting me personally in a package?

Epitaph so you can a wedding

Your came across me on springtime; my personal garden was just beginning to bloom. Tentative shoots getting upwards from floor Green, tender, cautious, not knowing.

I was only start to understand due to the fact an effective gardener, almost every other hand had not trained me personally; I’d to acquire my own personal means. I made mistakes; rooted the wrong part of the incorrect put on wrong day. Either We tended the newest weeds and you will forgotten the fresh new plants; ignored the brand new weakened painful and sensitive of these, being unsure of the well worth.

And after that you appeared. I exposed this new gates therefore entered where not any other got become just before. In the beginning your assisted; you displayed me just how to hold the more youthful trees, so they really do grow upright and you may good, your lead brand new plants back at my backyard therefore we planted along with her. We grown a few trees inside this new centre.

We realized my personal run out of; one to my personal backyard wasn’t safe to you personally. And so i ran and you will read ideas on how to nurture it. We learnt how to use new products; I examined you to definitely weeds develop strong, and ways to look towards origins. The new sources was basically widespread; it grabbed day but in the future these people were moved. In their set I planted this new vegetation: its smell sweet.

Summer got started and you will my personal garden grew, I thought you would certainly be happy. Your appeared, your featured, nevertheless did not look for and you never ever observed new herbs, or existed to love their smell.

My lawn nevertheless increased, however never did accept of your crazy beauty of my personal garden do you? You had ahead and you may straighten plants which will was indeed remaining and trample those people that needed support. You included their scythe; cut-down, and you can trampled the ground, leaving the images all over the ground.

As well as the brand new when you forgot your own lawn as you selected not to ever see the weeds you to definitely expanded indeed there their attention have been too haughty.

We top your! You told you you realized the way it are all the as done, thus i top you. However, one of my personal flowers your expanded thorns; you did maybe not supply the latest ground, your shed where you should provides mainly based. The latest flowers i just after planted together about spring expanded weakened and today are dry.

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